Our Mission

The mission of the Energy2Education Foundation is to generate awareness and interest in environmental stewardship for children in grades K-12 through engaging, hands-on educational experiences, supporting the actualization of a healthy learning environment by means of energy and air quality studies, and driving the development of a 21st century green workforce through academic scholarships for students pursuing a career in direct support of cleaner, healthier and more sustainable communities.

Green Curriculum

We have learned if we teach our children green sustainability lessons in precaution and preparation, they can play an integral role in making our schools, communities, and planet more sustainable and healthy.  We are pleased to offer all participating schools with a green focused curriculum that aligns with Public Instruction Essential Standards within each grade level. 

Energy Fellows Scholarships

The Energy2Education Foundation offers multiple one-time $5,000 scholarships to graduating high school seniors attending colleges/universities, in an effort to support and promote academic opportunities for those interested in entering careers and studies focused on green energy and sustainability. 

Sustainable Classrooms

The Sustainable Classroom Initiative is a three-pronged approach aimed at creating, a smarter, healthier, and more efficient learning environment for students. These components are focused around Clean and Comfortable Air Quality, an efficient and healthy mix of Natural and Effiecient Lighting, with Immersive Classroom Technologies.

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